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Creativity, innovation & 


You use creativity every day when problem solving or being innovative. From resolving a customer complaint to creating a process for the accounts to manage digital receipts; from establishing a green strategy for your organisation to creating a learning and development plan for staff.


Creative thinking and innovation at work can apply to the micro or macro situation. This workshop will introduce you to techniques and skills that help generate creative solutions and how to get great ideas into practice.

What does it cover ?

Develop creative thinking skills you can use at work

Experiment with techniques that generate creative ideas and solutions

Apply creative thinking to a problem

Improve the way you frame problems and present ideas to get people on board

Develop promising seed ideas for further development

Recognise when and how creativity is stifled and be able to prevent this

Build innovation into individual and teamwork processes

Practice techniques relevant to your workplace

Creating an action plan for embedding the new skill

Is it for you ?

For teams developing their capacity to be adaptable and creative; individuals looking to develop their creative thinking process; and members of different departments creating an interdepartmental creative thinking group.


The workshop challenges you to step into a creative space and allow time for thinking outside the box. You’ll develop ideas with boldness and without fear. 

Before you start...

We’ll send you a link to log into a short online form. We’ll ask you to complete some questions in advance and do a little research! Nothing to worry about though, we know you’ll be busy!

What will be expected from you after training?

1. A plan

As part of the training you will create a plan that will challenge you to embed your learning in the weeks and months after the training. and put into practice techniques you found useful


2. Follow up coaching support calls

Included in the training are 2 follow up coaching calls. 


One will be scheduled after a week and the other two weeks after that. These are for support and coaching. They are non judgemental and for you to freely discuss progress, successes and any concerns. 


We live by our mantra, we want to enable you to be the best you possibly can be.

Training options and pricing

Training and workshops are tailored to your needs with a variety of delivery options suitable for different experience and roles.


Included with each are support and coaching follow up calls with attendees.

Prices are from £400

½ day 

Concentrates on the creative process and some basic techniques for implementation


1 day

Develops skills and puts into practice with experiential activity and techniques


1½ days (separated by 1 week)

Consolidates learning taking work scenarios and applying the creative process 

Time-2 Extra Support

All workshop attendees will receive 2 support coaching calls during the month after they complete a workshop.


For delegates who wish to work on their personal development further, we offer discounted coaching support


Individual Coaching

Working with an individual to develop skills associated with the workshop. 

Group Coaching

Working with a group to develop skills associated with the workshop.


Please contact us to discuss further

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