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Presentation Skills & Speaking in Public

Speaking and presenting in public is a skill you can improve with knowledge and practice. 


A lack of confidence or fear of speaking in public or presenting is natural and normal. It affects people in different ways and to different extents; it can stifle opportunities for work progression and confidence in social interactions.


In this training, you’ll understand how to develop your public speaking skills and put them into practice. 

What does it cover ?

Understanding the principles 

Manage anxious feelings and thoughts

Learn how to prepare, use visuals and create structure

Know your audience and how to engage them

Develop your confidence and projection

Practice techniques relevant to your workplace


Creating an action plan for embedding the new skill

Is it for you ?

If you don’t like speaking in public or presenting, or you have some confidence, but it’s been learned ‘on the job’, then the skills and practice from this workshop are essential.


The training develops understanding and skills in a fun, experiential process that builds your knowledge and practice. We create a safe space to be able to challenge yourself and increase your confidence. 

Before you start...

We’ll send you an email with three questions and ask you to reflect on them before you come along to the workshop. Nothing to worry about, it just helps us focus the training on what you need.

What will be expected from you after training?

1. A plan

As part of the training, you will create a personal development plan that will challenge you to embed your learning in the weeks and months after the training. Your new neural pathways will not become automatic (you know, that confidence you feel with experience) unless you practice and receive feedback.


2. Follow-up coaching support calls

Included in the training are two follow-up coaching calls. 

One will be scheduled after a week and the other two weeks after that. These are for support and coaching. They are non-judgemental and for you to freely discuss progress, successes and any concerns. 


We live by our mantra, we want to enable you to be the best you possibly can be!

Training options and pricing

Out training and workshops are tailored to your needs with a variety of delivery options suitable for different experience and roles.


Prices are from £400.


Included with each is support and coaching follow up calls with attendees.


½ day 

Highlights key skills and how to apply learning.


1 day

Broader and deeper understanding of skills, self-reflection and putting learning into practice.

Time-2 Extra Support

All workshop attendees will receive 2 support coaching calls during the month after they complete a workshop.


For delegates who wish to work on their personal development further, we offer discounted coaching support


Individual Coaching

Working with an individual to develop skills associated with the workshop. 

Group Coaching

Working with a group to develop skills associated with the workshop.


Please contact us to discuss further

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