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We are passionate about ENABLING your positivity & purpose.

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Joel Drapkin

Time-2 Founder

Joel is a life and business coach, trainer, and enabler. He writes and delivers development programmes, training and workshops that develop thinking, expand understanding and embed learning. He works with organisations, teams, and individuals.


With Senior Leadership experience in Corporate, SME, and Youth Charity sectors, Joel facilitates Leadership and Management Skills training that is engaging, fun, inclusive, and purposeful. 


His collaborative, inquisitive, and empathetic style creates an energy that draws out the best in people whilst challenging and stretching them to discover, uncover or recover their potential.


With an eye for detail and strong values, Joel is passionate about enabling the best possible outcomes by ensuring there is a meaningful, sustainable impact that helps individuals and teams flourish.

Julia Nolan Time-2

Julia Nolan

With a degree in acting, experience developing and delivering exciting and creative programmes in schools, collaborative session planning with teachers and SLTs, Julia thrives on designing programmes for young people that develop their thinking, expand their imagination, and embed their learning.


Julia is passionate about encouraging the best possible outcomes and ensuring there is a meaningful, sustainable impact that helps individuals flourish with new-found knowledge and skills.

Julia is never far from her thespian and performing arts roots and is currently writing a play for production later this year.

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