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Team Development

A team that works well together is highly functional, and being a part of that can be fun, fulfilling and meaningful. We spend a third of our lives at work so it is important to understand our part in our team, appreciate our roles and recognise different styles of leadership and teamworking.


We’ll work with the team and can make use of personality profiling tools where useful. We'll create an opportunity for insights enabling your team to develop effectively with practical and experiential learning.

What does it include?

Understanding what an effective team looks like

Assessing where you are at and where you want to be

Personality profiling for individuals and the team -DiSC®/Lumina Insights

Working well together

Understanding and managing ongoing team effectiveness

Effective feedback and looking after interpersonal relationships

Managing conflict and different priorities

What does our successful team look like

Setting our values and celebrating success

Practice techniques relevant to your workplace

Creating an action plan for embedding change

Is it for you ?

If you manage a team or are part of a team that could benefit from practical time together reflecting and refocusing then this workshop is ideal.


Your team will gain valuable insights and techniques for renewed effectiveness and positive team dynamics

Before you start...

We’ll send you a link to log into a short online questionnaire before the workshop. It’s anonymous helps us focus the training on what your team needs.

What will be expected from you after training?

Enabling development and potential change within teams requires intention from all. We ask for a collaborative approach to...


1. A team plan

Your team is likely to have identified some action points and as part of the training you will create a team development plan. The plan will challenge you to embed your insights in the weeks and months after the workshop. 


2. Follow up coaching support calls

Included in the training are 2 follow up coaching video calls with the team (These will be as a group)


One will be scheduled after a week and the other two weeks after that. These are for support and coaching. They are non-judgemental and for you to discuss progress, successes and any concerns. 


We live by our mantra, we want to enable you to be the best you possibly can be.

Training options and pricing

Training and workshops are tailored to your needs with a variety of delivery options suitable for different experience and roles.


Included with each are support and coaching follow up calls with attendees.

Prices are from £850


2 x ½ day or 1 day

Insights and team development with practical applications


2 day

Available subject to discussion with additional focus on work-based activities and application. Ideal for new teams. Includes pre-training consultation and post-training reflection and review.

Time-2 Extra Support

All workshop attendees will receive 2 support coaching calls during the month after they complete a workshop.


For delegates who wish to work on their personal development further, we offer discounted coaching support


Individual Coaching

Working with an individual to develop skills associated with the workshop. 

Group Coaching

Working with a group to develop skills associated with the workshop.


Please contact us to discuss further

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