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Life Coaching

Clarity, Awareness, Intention, Purpose, Direction, Insight

Life Coaching enables you to define what it is you want and to determine your own  journey to be where you want to be. 


Within us are the narratives of our lives, the stories of who we are. These are defined by ourselves and others, our responses triggered by our interactions and life circumstances, our early experiences and life directions


Powerful coaching is forward facing. It draws on our own resources and explores the capacity within you to create change, face challenges, adapt and develop, and achieve personal goals


What can you achieve ?

  • Find clarity on an issue

  • Understand personal interactions & trigger responses

  • Create purpose

  • Understand family communication issues & paths forward

  • Understand and overcome anxiety

  • Become more self aware and understand strengths

  • Identify life goals which have meaning for you

  • Explore ways forward through a problem

  • Understand your motivations

  • Work out what’s stopping you

  • Understand habitual behaviour and how to change it

  • Challenge limiting thought patterns

  • Manage challenging relationships

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence

  • Explore what success would look like

  • Reflect on self belief and confidence 

How it works...

Meet for a complimentary coaching conversation where we explore thoughts and decide if working together feels ok. Usually around 90 mins. Often there are insights after the one session that you’ll want to act on; and you feel that is enough for the time being. This is ok. Coaching is exciting and you are resourceful. 


For many people the process of enabling a deeper insight and change often takes place over time as you create the ways of thinking that serve you; and then put into practice. 


Life Coaching is often 8 sessions, but can be 4. They can be used as and when is best for you to allow time to put thoughts and ideas into action. They are often completed within 2 -4 months after which we have a review and decide if it is useful to continue. 


The coaching sessions can be a mix of face to face, Skype, Zoom, or by phone.

What does it cost ?

The time for each session is flexible and can fit around the time you have available and the time you need. 

8 sessions with unconditional support £1080

4 sessions with unconditional support £580

One off session £1


Life coaching is about enabling you, not about an hourly rate. It consists of the sessions, as much support as you require between sessions, the tools we use and the resources I will give to you. 


CONTACT US if you want to discuss how coaching can benefit your work or life.

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