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New & recently appointed Managers

It’s great to have potential recognised and be appointed to a management role. 


This engaging training explores where you are currently, draws on your current experience and builds knowledge, competence, confidence and skills.

It creates a safe space to explore ideas as you learn and put into practice the fundamentals of successful management.


Training can be delivered as 1 or 2 days subject to levels of experience, allowing the focus of the training to be tailored to your needs.

What does it cover ?

Self-reflection and awareness identifying the qualities and strengths you bring to the management role

Hopes and fears, and the key management competencies

Identifying the qualities associated with being a highly effective manager

Understanding the need for and effect of change, manage team responses and develop strategies for a positive attitude to change

Managing change and setting out a vision and direction

How managers engage with and develop others to enable great teams

Having constructive, honest and productive conversations

Strategies for motivating individuals and the team to develop positive performance and recognise success 

Understanding the benefits of a coaching team culture

Consider role models and your preferred leadership and management style

Consider options for planning, prioritising and delegating effectively.

Managing tasks and looking after yourself and your team


Recognising stresses affecting you and your team, and managing effective interventions

Is it for you ?

As a newly or recently appointed manager you’ll be looking to expand your knowledge and experience of management skills and considering how to implement these in your role.

Before you start...

We’ll send you a link to log into a short online form and ask you to complete some questions in advance.


It won't take long, just a little prep work to help the training be most useful

What will be expected from you after training?

1. A personal development action plan

As part of the training you will create an initial plan that will challenge you to embed your learning in the weeks and months after the training. You will have set out your immediate priorities and a longer-term aims. After training, you’ll be expected to discuss this with your line manager as part of your pdp.


2. Follow up coaching support calls

Included in the training are 2 follow up coaching calls. 


One will be scheduled after a week and the other two weeks after that. These are for support and coaching. They are non-judgemental and for you to freely discuss progress, successes and any concerns. 


We live by our mantra, we want to enable you to be the best you possibly can be.

Training options and pricing

Training and workshops are tailored to your needs with a variety of delivery options suitable for different experience and roles.


Included with each are support and coaching follow up calls with attendees.

Prices are from £850


1 day

Identifying current strengths and focusing on core competencies of managing a team 


2 days

Developing further management skills and knowledge, looking into greater depth with experiential and interactive sessions

Time-2 Extra Support

All workshop attendees will receive 2 support coaching calls during the month after they complete a workshop.


For delegates who wish to work on their personal development further, we offer discounted coaching support


Individual Coaching

Working with an individual to develop skills associated with the workshop. 

Group Coaching

Working with a group to develop skills associated with the workshop.


Please contact us to discuss further

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