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Leadership, Management & Teamworking Skills

Successful organisations develop their people. They “nurture & enable” their talent to be able to perform at their best.

In today’s fast-paced working environment, success relies upon resilience and flexibility from a willing, valued, skilled and loyal workforce.


Making time to enable talent development can be tricky. Learning and development covers a broad spectrum of activities and the right strategic choice creates measurable benefits.

The Time-2 Training Pledge


Learning a new skill needs knowledge and then experience - you need to know it and do it. Training is seldom useful as an activity in isolation.


When you learn a new skill you programme the neural pathways in your brain. Neurons that ‘fire together, wire together’ and new actions are enabled. Training introduces knowledge and skills, but then you have to put it into practice... again, and again, and again.


Knowing - We make it relevant

For many of our training and workshops we facilitate pre- and post- training work to make sure attendees relate their ‘skills learning’ to their workplace. We create a safe space with ‘experiential’ training.


Doing - We work with you to enable the change

Our post training commitment ensures the ‘doing’ continues and is supported with coaching that is included as part of the training commitment. In addition we offer supplementary coaching to help embed and implement new learning and skills.


“I felt like I had more to offer my organisation. The presentation skills training gave me more confidence and changed the way I worked in my team” PN

Public Speaker

Speaking to a group of 2 to 200.

Presenting and Public Speaking.

Business Group

Dynamics; the individual & the team.

Acknowledging & embracing difference.

Being valued & effective.

Creativity and ideas sharing.

Igniting team creativity.

Business Meeting

Identifying your leadership style.

Managing a team for success.

 Young Woman Contemplating

Managing stress & anxiety at work.

Understanding triggers, responses, resilience & empathy.

Working Together

Build a proactive & collaborative culture.

Enable a team’s resourcefulness

for success.

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