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Executive Coaching

Develop potential, embrace change & navigate challenges


Executive Coaching ENABLES you to step away from the urgency of the moment to reflect on decisions and objectives, from a personal development or organisational point of view. 


As a CEO, Company Owner or Senior Leader it’s important to create space and time to safely explore ideas and fears, to ask questions and consider behaviours, actions and responses; yours and others, to challenge perspectives and consider options going forward.

How it works...

Meet for a complimentary coaching conversation where we explore thoughts and decide if working together feels ok. Usually around 90 mins.


The model that tends to work best is 8 sessions. They can be used as and when is best for you to allow time to put thoughts and ideas into action. They are often completed within 3 -4 months after which we have a review. 


The coaching sessions can be a mix of face to face, Skype, Zoom, or by phone.

Support Commitment

Ongoing support between sessions is open and informal. It can be useful to check-in or to discuss successes or a challenge. This can be by WhatsApp or a call and as often as needed.

What does it cost ?

The coaching consists of 8 sessions with the ongoing support commitment. The time for each session is flexible and can fit around the time you have available and the time you need. 


Executive coaching is about enabling you, not about an hourly rate. It consists of the sessions, the support you require, the tools we use and the resources we share.


The cost is £1080.

We can tailor this package so please contact us to discuss what you need.

Contact us if you want to know more or want to book a complimentary coaching conversation

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