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Youth Programme & Leader Development

Support for organisations delivering National Citizen Service (NCS) and young leader programmes

NCS and Leadership programmes provide an opportunity for life changing experiences, social mixing and personal growth


Time-2 provides support for this highly seasonal process with experience of delivering scale and quality in all areas of programme delivery.

How can we help ?

Seasonal Staff Recruitment

Assessment Centres 

Interviewing candidates

Competency reviews

Training Seasonal Staff
 Enabling Youth Leaders

Training programme writing

Role Training Delivery

Behaviour Management

Social Action engagement

Reflection and review

Facilitating teams and large groups

Flexibility and adapting

Games and Activities

Free time management

& Welfare

Risk assessment

Disclosure process


Health and Safety


Codes of Conduct

Incident Management

Joe Drapkin Time-2 25.jpeg

Joel, founder of Time-2, has enabled young people via his work with the NCS and Young Leader programmes.


He has:

  • Worked directly with 4000 Young People and Young Leaders

  • Recruited 100s of staff via interview and assessment centres

  • Trained 2000 staff across multiple roles for programme delivery

  • Led 20 residential programmes and staff teams as Youth Programme Leader

  • Programme Managed 22 programmes, core delivery staff and seasonal staff

  • Led 66 youth development workshops for Public Speaking, Creative storytelling and Leadership Skills

  • Recruited and trained the trainers for delivery of seasonal training

  • Written training for national rollout

  • Engaged with 100s of youth led social action projects and community partners

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