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Enabling everyone to reach their full potential.


Enabling competency development in line with business and 

individual needs

Enabling thoughts to become unstuck and be future facing with clarity

Enabling leaders to inspire, facilitate and safeguard. 

Curriculum development and leader training

Enabling emotional intelligence and managing anxiety 

Time-2 is obsessed with enabling people and teams; enabling you to achieve what you want, personally, in work, for you, for your organisation.


What we do, is enable you!


It’s our mantra, our purpose. It’s how we benchmark success, yours and ours.

It informs how we work with you. We are here to facilitate your success and achieve the results you desire.


We work with individuals and organisations to enable people with Leadership and Management Training, Business Coaching and Life Coaching, Youth Programme and Leader Development, and Mental Health and Wellbeing.  


These areas are interrelated and inform each other; they are about realising potential in work and life.



About Us

“Professional, analytical, insightful and passionate about helping individuals thrive”


“Understanding the different personalities in the team, and how different people operate and respond has changed the team dynamic. The activities and reflection was ace”


“They always give lots of energy and tailor to different learning styles; and receive great feedback from participants”


“Really loved the Workshop. Gave time and space to undertake some self awareness, understand my triggers as well as those around me in the team”


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